Pictures from BIG BOYS

Pictures from BIG BOYS

A few shots from Big Boys at Arendt House, all taken by the fabulous Margo Skwara ( The actors are Maximillien Jadin (the younger guy) and Erik Abbott (the older guy, with the beard). Directed by Christine Probst Probst, with assistance (and PowerPoints) by Leslie Fischbach, and sets and props by Jill Kibbey.























We’re really excited about our upcoming shows, Big Boys and Dear Santa… and we want to spread the word about them. We’re looking for someone to help.

We are seeking an individual to work with us as a publicity assistant for the remainder of the year — to help us publicise our shows and the workshop we are planning in November.


What do we need?


  • Posters, postcards and flyers distributed anywhere and everywhere they will be seen by potential audience members — pubs, shops, schools (where permitted), offices, etc.


  • Co-ordinating with printers and arranging collection of printed items


  • Sending press releases to media (big plus if you can write and / or translate them).


So, if you have a few extra hours, and would like to help us publicise our work and support our mission to deliver passionate, professional, thought-provoking English-language theatre to Luxembourg audiences (and make a little pocket money in the process), get in touch.


Actors Rep Presents BIG BOYS at Arendt House, November 17-19, 2017

Actors Rep Presents BIG BOYS, by Rich Orloff, at Arendt House, November 17-19, 2017


Dear Santa a Christmas Theatre piece in Luxembourg

A Holiday Theatrical Treat



Actors Rep Presents BIG BOYS at Arendt House, November 17-19, 2017

Actors Rep Presents BIG BOYS at Arendt House, November 17-19, 2017

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg (Actors Rep) announces its production of Big Boys, by New York playwright Rich Orloff, in the Arendt House auditorium: 41 Avenue J. F. Kennedy, 2082 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, November 17 – 19, 2017.

Big Boys is a hilarious satire on corporate culture which the New York Times called ‘rip-roaringly funny’, with ‘snappy dialogue and non-stop mayhem’. This ‘over-the-top comic fable’, as Orloff describes it, pokes fun at the peculiarities of the business world in a style he says is ‘influenced by the surreal energy and comic rhythms of vaudeville comedy’.

Public performances are Friday, November 17 – Sunday, November 19. The Friday – Saturday performances are at 8pm and the Sunday performance is at 3pm.

This two-character award winning comedy follows the relationship between a self-satisfied, grandiose, amoral and very successful boss, and his insecure, moral, eager-to-please and very unhappy would-be protégé. Who will win their madcap competition over how the business should be run?

                 Maximillien Jadin


Actors Rep Associate Artistic Director Christine Probst directs. Luxembourg actor Maximillien Jadin plays Norm and Actors Rep Artistic Director Erik Abbott plays Victor. Caspar Rundegren was originally slated to play Norm, but left the production prior to the start of rehearsals to pursue a professional opportunity in his native Sweden.

Director Probst said, ‘We were of course disappointed that Caspar was ultimately unable to be in Big Boys, but we congratulate him on the opportunity. Fortunately, Maximillien was available and we are very excited to be working with an actor of his calibre and training. It says a lot about the depth of experience and ability in the professional acting community in Luxembourg that we were able to find such a such a fine actor so quickly.’



Jadin, most recently seen onstage in Ashcan at Théâtre National du Luxembourg (TNL), trained at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Since returning to Luxembourg, he has worked at TNL, both in Ashcan and in Den Ubu als Kinnek, Coco Chanel, and at the Grand Théâtre and Kaleidoskop Theater. He teaches at LNBD Dudelange.

Probst said that she was drawn to the play because of its ‘Marx Brothers-like humour’—echoing what critics have written about it. One, in 2011, called it ‘a fine-tuned study in silliness’ and Probst noted that this type of outrageously ‘kind of absurd’ comic work is a first for Actors Rep. ‘We’ve done several plays that had humour’, she said, ‘but we’ve never done a full-on comedy’, adding ‘we thought it was about time’. She added that the Arendt House auditorium was the ‘perfect’ setting for the production. ‘We’re really excited to be able to bring Big Boys to this wonderful space. Arendt House has been incredibly supportive—audiences will really enjoy being here for this show.’


Erik ABBOTT Artistic Director Erik Abbott is a director, actor, playwright, dramaturg, and theatre scholar

                 Erik Abbott


The play features Norman, the newly hired assistant and would-be protégé to Victor, the CEO. Their working relationship at first appears relatively normal but descends quickly into a wild comic ride.


Actors Rep wishes to express its gratitude to Arendt House for its generosity in hosting this production of Big Boys. In performing this corporate play in a corporate setting, Actors Rep brings to the doorstep of the Luxembourg business community a boisterous laugh filled event that (gently) pokes fun at business—juxtaposing the onstage fun with its real-world counterpart.





Rehearsal photos (with thanks to B.U.R.O.S. in Strassen for use of their space — :













Big Boys, by Rich Orloff

Arendt House

41 Avenue J. F. Kennedy

2082 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


Public Performances:

  • Friday, November 17 at 20.00
  • Saturday, November 18 at 20.00
  • Sunday, November 19 at 15.00 (matinée)



Adults – 20 €  /  Students – 10 €



Phone: (+352) 35 63 39


Big Boys is presented by special arrangement with the playwright, Rich Orloff.


For further information:

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Actors Rep Autumn 2017 Season!

Actors Rep Autumn 2017 Season!

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg (Actors Rep), the professional English-language theatre company, is proud to announce its Autumn 2017 Season of three productions:


• #WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump

• Big Boys

• Dear Santa…

The company’s ambitious season opens with the original solo piece #WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump, to be presented September 20 – 24 at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg ‘Bar National’ (lobby) space: 194, route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg.

Originally created by Actors Rep Artistic Director Erik Abbott, the play was commissioned by Théâtre d’Esch and developed with Director Charles Muller as a piece for the Ville de Esch-sur-Alzette’s ‘Nuit de la Culture’ in May, 2017. Only short segments were performed.

#WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump,

#WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump,


Now re-imagined and substantially revised, the show theatrically explores the curious phenomenon of the Donald Trump Presidency. One actor (Abbott) portrays several Trump supporters. These characters, some of whose monologues are based on published interviews and statements, present a variety of voices and viewpoints—alternately sympathetic, funny, perhaps frightening—and reveal a complex emotional and cultural tapestry examining the Trump effect in a compelling, theatrical way.

Actors Rep Associate Artistic Director Christine Probst directs.



In November, Actors Rep partners with Arendt House in Kirchberg to present Big Boys, by New York playwright Rich Orloff. Big Boys is a hilarious satire on corporate culture that the New York Times described as ‘rip-roaringly funny’, with ‘snappy dialogue and non-stop mayhem’. This ‘over-the-top comic fable’, as Orloff describes it, pokes fun at the peculiarities of the business world in a style he says is ‘influenced by the surreal energy and comic rhythms of vaudeville comedy’.


Actors Rep will be present the production in Arendt House’s auditorium (where the company participated in an evening of Shakespeare readings for the British Ambassador to Luxembourg in January 2016). In performing this corporate play in a corporate setting, Actors Rep brings to the doorstep of the Luxembourg business community a boisterous laugh filled event that (gently) pokes fun at business—juxtaposing the onstage fun with its real-world counterpart.






Probst will again direct and Luxembourgish actor Maximillien Jadin will perform with Abbott. Jadin trained at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.  We are delighted he is making his Actors Rep debut in Big Boys.

The show opens with performances for Arendt House employees and invited guests on November 15 and 16, and continues with public performances November 17 – 19 at Arendt House: 41 Avenue J-F Kennedy, L-2082 Luxembourg.



   ERIK ABBOTT               

Finally, during the festive season, Actors Rep takes to the road with the world premiere of Dear Santa…, a sweet and funny half-hour play about a couple’s holiday plans with their family. In this completely portable soupçon of charm, they write letters to Santa, exploring a latent childlike sense of wonder and review their gift list, chuckling at their extended family and celebrating their connections. Developed by Actors Rep, Dear Santa… is available as an entertainment for seasonal parties and events—great theatre and holiday cheer to deliver! —and will also be presented in three public performances. (Venue to be announced.)

Dear Santa… is a warm cup of festive delight—to go!



In addition to the three productions, Actors Rep will also continue its commitment to theatre education and training opportunities through its Actors Lab programme with autumn classes. One section of acting classes and a section of stage voice technique have begun, both taught by Christine Probst, and a second section of acting classes planned for November and December. The company also plans a workshop—topic to be determined.

Please check the Actors Rep Facebook page and back here for additional details.




‘Impulse Training’ Workshop with Hans Kieseier!

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg (Actors Rep) is offering an ‘Impulse Training’ workshop on 17 June 2017 with Cologne based actor, director and acting trainer Hans Kieseier.

The location is the Théâtre National du Luxembourg (TNL) Atelier space (166, avenue du X Septembre, 1940 Luxembourg).

It will run from 10am – 6pm, with a lunch break.

The cost is 125 €.


The workshop is open to ages 13 and up. It will be conducted in English and, as needed German, with a translator to assist with both English-to-German and German-to-English translation.


Kieseier’s description of the workshop:

‘The objective of this workshop is to allow our acting to become more alive by trusting our impulses. Impulses are understood as both inner and outer impulses, which lead us to an effortless reaction.

Such a reaction can express itself physically, emotionally and intellectually, transforming in turn into an impulse for the other performers as well as for us.

The result is discovering what to do next—acting without agony. Increasing our awareness of these acting “impulses” in our acting—in a fun way—is the focus of this workshop.’



Kieseier’s ‘Impulse Training’ workshop offers another opportunity for local theatre artists to gain experience with and training from international theatre artists. Kieseier’s career spans over thirty years as a professional actor, director and actor trainer in theatre, improvisation and comedy, as well as acting in television and film. He has performed, trained and / or taught in his native Germany, Canada, the UK and the US. A full bio is below. The workshop provides a rare chance for Luxembourg theatre artists to learn and benefit from a renowned and passionate international artist



Actors Rep has recently focused on increasing educational opportunities for the Luxembourg theatre community, first offering a workshop with Dr Peter Zazzali, in October 2016. Dr Zazzali, an actor, director, actor trainer and Associate Professor in Theatre at the University of Kansas, came to Luxembourg to direct our October 2016 production, The Fever.

Since January 2017, we have offered two sections of acting classes through our Actors Lab, with Associate Artistic Director Christine Probst. The first section ran from January – March and the second began in late March and continues till early May. A third section is planned for the autumn.

To enroll, contact Actors Rep Artistic Director Erik Abbott:

For further information, visit our Facebook page.



Hans Kieseier: Biography

Hans Kieseier is a Cologne based actor, director and acting trainer. He studied Acting and Improvisation with Keith Johnstone, Bill Mockridge and Alan Mariott; Movement Theatre with Wolfgang and Anne Tiedt; Theatre Direction and Creative Writing with Mark Travis; and Jazz Dance with Janco Jancolini, Ballet with Carl Inox and Tap Dancing with Uli Datzer.

Since 1994, as both a performer and director, he has been a company member of Cologne’s famous Stunksitzung, which is performed live before over fifty thousand people every year, and is seen on the WDR television network by tens of thousands more.

He has worked as an actor at Cologne’s Theater Tiefrot, Comedia Colonia, Kammerspiele, Theater am Sachsenring, and the Gloria Theater, and was a founder and member of the Blackbox theatre company. Early in his career he was a performer in the company at Bonn’s renowned improvisational theatre, Haus der Springmaus.


Kieseier was in the feature film Unter Frauen and has appeared in television shows including SOKO – Köln, Unter Uns, Danni Lowinski, Alles was zählt and Cobra 11.

Kieseier has directed for Haus der Springmaus, the legendary Cabaret Theatre DISTEL in Berlin, the Theater im Kloster in Bornheim, the Zartbitter youth theatre in Cologne, the Sissi Perlinger Cabaret in Munich, The Pantheon in Bonn, the Theater am Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, as well as cabaret, comedy shows and stand-up for, among others, Cordula Stratmann, Ingolf Lück, Peter Vollmer and Mark Welte.

He was a coach for the pilot of the highly successful improvisational sit-com Schillerstraße on the SAT 1 television network and was a dramaturgical advisor during its first season. He has also done improvisation, comedy, moderating and / or acting coaching for Comedy Central, the RTL-TV (Germany) shows Frei Schnauze! and Chartbreak Hotel, as well as the WDR-TV shows Annemie Hülrath – Der Talk and Kleine Cordula Stratmann Show.



For several years Kieseier has taught acting and comedy at the Stagepack Sommerakademie as well as countless workshops in acting, directing, improvisation and comedy for professionals, young performers, teachers and others. He has coached comedians, actors, cabaretists and students in theatres, productions, television and Vereine.




Actors Rep Luxembourg Logo

CLASSES: Actors Lab with Christine Probst

Trust Truth!

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg (Actors Rep) is excited to announce Actors Lab and Acting Classes with Christine Probst.

Laboratory: A safe place of experimenting, exploring, success, failure, imagination and fun.

Have you ever watched a play or a film and thought, ‘I don’t believe them!’ ?

Well. We are going to search for truth. At the actor’s core is truth, truth about the character and, more importantly, oneself. To find the truth of the character you must be confident in your own truth.

We will explore in weekly classes the actor’s truth. Truth in body, truth in voice and truth in being.


The classes are geared for every level and experience, ages 15 and up.

Progress is only possible through commitment — commitment to the classes, commitment to the work (in and out of the classes), commitment to the other members of the class, and commitment to yourself.

Requirements for the first class: a sturdy notebook — something you will love to use, everyday, and loose, comfortable clothing.


Beginning Tuesday, 24 January at Vedanza, 18 rue de Louvigny, L-1946, Luxembourg.

Classes continue 31 January, 7 February, 14 February, 28 February and 7 March (Tuesdays).

Classes meet from 7pm – 10pm.

Cost: € 300 (€ 50 discount if payment received by 3 January).

To register or for additional information, contact Erik Abbott at Actors Rep:


Christine Probst is a professionally trained actress with over 20 years of experience, she holds a BFA (Bacheors of Fine Art) in Acting from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She studied (and continues to study) Voice and Movement with the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart. Christine has acted professionally in Luxembourg (Actors Rep, Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Théâtres des Capucins / Luxembourg Ville) and the United States (ActOut Productions, Rosebriar Shakespeare, and the Reality Theatre, among others).

Christine Probst in THE FEVER / Photo credit: Carole Reckinger

She has taught a variety of levels and ages in acting for over 10 years, including for the Luxembourg Accueil and the Lycée des Garçons in Esch-sur-Alzette, and founded the Youth Theatre programme for the New World Theatre Club. Christine’s teaching incorporates several different methods and techniques to help the actor find his or her path to understanding the character. She believes that not one single method or style of acting is for every actor. Christine will take the actor through a series of exercises related to relaxation and imagination, as well as extensive voice and body work to free the actor’s physicality and develop a sense of being fully present onstage.