Flowers in the Desert (2015)

Flowers in the Desert

Flowers in the Desert

Flowers in the Desert

By Donna Hoke

Britt and Jo are divorced. She’s dating a Professor, he’s got the number of every waitress in town. Why would they ever get back together? Well, there’s always the kids and then ‘The Boss’ is on their side…. If you’ve ever fallen in love, fallen out of love, married, divorced, been on a terrible ‘date night’, realised you can’t stand the way your partner talks, eats, breathes…

Donna Hoke

Donna Hoke is a Buffalo-based, award-winning playwright whose work has been commissioned, produced, and/or developed in 34 states and on 5 continents, and counting. She makes her artistic home as an ensemble playwright at Road Less Traveled Productions, where the premiere of her first full-length production, THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, was the theater’s top-grossing world premiere and the sixth highest grossing play in the theater’s history.

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Cast & Creative team

Christine Probst as Britt – Read bio
Erik Abbott as Joe – Read bio
Directed by Timothy Lone – Read bio
Set Design – Andreia Silva

“Actors Rep brings to Luxembourg some absolutely fantastic plays…

… anyone who has ever been married for any length of time and has children will also recognise the familiar fights.”

Sarita Rao, Luxembourg Wort

“Christine and Erik feed well off each other…

authentic little displays of affection making the audience inwardly root for the couple.”

Sarah Graham, Chronicle Luxembourg

Back to square one?

“Minimal scene and costume changes give the production a seamless, intimate, character.”

Janine Goedert, d’Letzeburger Land

“Passionate, thought-provoking and extremely truthful

… director Timothy Lone, is intricate in his work and the intimacy that he creates for this production is rather spellbinding.”

Marina Lai, Delano Luxembourg

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