Do You Want to Know a Secret?

by Daniel Pinkerton
Do You Want to Know a Secret?

The author

Daniel is a California-born and Minneapolis-based playwright and lyricist.
He has been awarded multiple fellowships and awards.

The Story

Who can you trust?

Family. Betrayal. Secrets. Berlin, the waning years of the Cold War:

The Berger family is unwittingly caught in the politics, fear and paranoia of a society in which everyone just may be spying on everyone else. Who can be trusted in an environment of seemingly universal betrayal?

Walter Berger passionately loves his wife, Karin, and their daughter, Erika, and wants to get on with their lives. Karin wants to change the world – starting with the German Democratic Republic.

Politics, family, love, betrayal, fear and paranoia collide in Daniel Pinkerton’s award-winning play Do You Want to Know a Secret?

A quarter of a century after the Wall came down, this taut and moving drama about one family’s struggles with betrayal resonates profoundly with our own era of Edward Snowden and identity theft.

Who can you trust?


Cast & Creative team


Rhona Richards plays Karin Berger- Read bio

Timothy Lone plays Walter Berger- Read bio

Sarah Lamesch plays Erika- Read bio

Gilbert K. Johnston plays Wolf Niedermann- Read bio

Christine Probst plays Anja Hornung – Read bio 


Directed by Erik Abbott – Read bio

Assistant Director – Julie Fraser

Videographer – Mark Russell


Mierscher Kulturhaus Kulturhaus Asbl,
53 r. Grande-Duchesse Charlotte,

7520 Mersch

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