We had a full house for Thursday nights performance of ‘Lunch on the Go”, a totally unscripted, improvised show starring our very own Timothy Lone and British actor, Alan Cox.

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed eavesdropping on the conversation between Kyle (‘the American’) and James (‘the Brit’). With the aid of some audience suggestions the old friends chatted amiably  about subjects ranging from race, Tony Blair’s ‘special friendship’ with George Bush,  the evils of the internet and, in a particularly passionate rant from James, the construction of American owned golf courses in Scotland and Ireland. Donald Trump watch out, James is on your case!

Kyle and James also shared their  personal (sometimes very personal) experiences of love, marriage, death, and friendship. Who could fail to be impressed by their in-depth knowledge of yeast infections (if you weren’t there you will never know the significance of staring into a lovers eyes and saying the word ‘Marmite’), erectile dysfunction and the favoured porn site of actors on location.

This show was a brave move on the part of Timothy and Alan as they had met only twice before the performance and had never appeared together on stage. But, there was an immediate rapport and the gamble more than paid off.

It was a pleasure to have an actor of the calibre of Alan Cox join us in Luxembourg and we’re very much hoping that Timothy can persuade him to come back very soon (and next time perhaps only one portion of ‘lady balls’!).

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