What’s the secret of a successful show? In the case of our latest production, ‘Flowers in the Desert’, a combination of rehearsals, late nights, coffee, line runs, coffee, tech runs, coffee, a bit of help from Neil Diamond and Bruce Springsteen and, in case I forgot to mention it,  coffee, seem to have done the trick.

The show opened on 2nd October and our first night audience was superb. We got laughs, we got tears (in the best possible way), and we got applause. It was a great start to the run and thankfully the critics were also impressed:

‘Director Timothy Lone, a founder and producing director at Actors Rep, is intricate in his work and the intimacy that he creates for this production is rather spellbinding.’

‘This is a no-frills production that is passionate, thought-provoking and extremely truthful.’

‘Probst is animated and vulnerable at the same time, a killer combination. Erik Abbott has over thirty-five years of experience in theatre, and it shows.’  Marina Lai for Delano

‘Erik Abbott plays Joe with charm, delivering quirky dialogue such as “you’re trying to put coins in my love bank” with comic timing. But it is Christine Probst as Britt who really steals the show, as she slowly reveals the truth behind the sudden reunion, in a final dramatic twist from author Donna Hoke.’

‘I find myself thinking that the Actors Rep brings to Luxembourg some absolutely fantastic plays.’ Sarita Rao for Wort

If you’ve not yet seen  ‘Flowers in the Desert’, there are only four performances left so book those tickets NOW!

The play continues at Nature Elements Am Garage (70 Route d’each, behind Robin du Lac) Thursday through Saturday October 8, 9, 10 at 7.30pm and Sunday, October 11 at 6pm. A three-course meal is available after the show.

To book tickets visit actorsrep.lu//flowers-in-the-desert/ or email actorsrep.tickets@gmail.com or call 356339

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